Solidification: computer simulation, experiments and technology, 6-9 April, 2022, Izhevsk, Russia


The conference “Solidification: computer simulation, experiments and technology” (Izhevsk, Russia) has been held seven times since 1986 at 3 to 6 years’ intervals. Before 2016 the conference had the national level. Since 2016 it includes presentations of international participants.

V. I. Zhuravlev

The 2016 conference was dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist, Ph.D. habilitated doctor in physical and mathematical sciences, professor, the USSR State Prize Winner (1991) Vitaly Anatolyevich Zhuravlev. Vitaly Zhuravlev had a great number of personal virtues that served the cause of science and education. The scientific breakthrough he achieved, which was  creation of the theory of a two-phase zone (mushy zone), helped to develop and advance the theory of the crystallization of alloys. The current state of this field of science, as well as its use in industrial production, forms the core of this conference.

Along with the theory, modeling and practical application of solidification from the liquid state, the scientific topics of the conference also include reports on modern scientific problems. The scope comprises the fields of atomistic dynamics, amorphous systems, aging of alloys and processes in the solid crystalline phase, as well as a new area related to additive technologies. The main aim of this conference is to provide suitable discussion of the modern scientific problems in the field of microstructure formation in alloys, rapid solidification, and current problems in atomistic dynamics, amorphous and crystalline systems. The conference also intends to promote the cooperation of researchers in academia and industrial companies.

The conference, Solidification-2019, held in Izhvesk.

Solidification-2016, held in Izhvesk.

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